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Team Captains


      What does it mean to be a Team Captain?


  • Sigh of relief…a Team Captain takes very little time & effort! We know how busy you are so Free Throws for Kids (FTFK) makes it simple.

  • You and your team DO NOT need to be good at shooting free throws!

  • Your main responsibility as a Team Captain is to simply sign up as a Team Captain and then start forming a team of 4-10 people (including you). Simply email or text the team page to friends, co-workers and/or neighbors once you have signed up as a Team Captain so they can sign up as a Free Throw Shooter on your team. FTFK essentially takes care of the rest!

  • At the event, collectively, your team will shoot 500 free throws. 10 people on a team = each person shoots 50 free throws.

  • As a team, you need to raise at least $1,250. This may initially sound like a lot but don’t stress out…last year the average team raised $1,770! If you have 10 people on your team, each person simply has to raise $125. You will be very surprised by people’s generosity and support of our mission.

  • FTFK provides you a team website where people can make online donations directly to your team. We have made it VERY simple & easy!

  • FTFK can also mail an individual fundraising packet that includes letters, donation cards and envelopes to each shooter on your team (yes, you will receive one as well) so you can mail these to friends, family, etc. to start raising money.

  • All of these donation cards and checks are mailed directly to FTFK. As a Team Captain you are NOT responsible for collecting money from individual team members.

  • FTFK will also email you weekly (once things get going) walking you and your team through the process and informing you of important event information.

   This year’s event is on Saturday, April 1 at the Lakota West High School Gymnasium in West Chester, OH. 

  • There will be one session from 8:30 am – 10:30 am and a second session from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm.

  • Awards and food will immediately follow each session at the same location.

   Overall Timeline:

  • January 31 - Team captain registration deadline.

  • February 18 - Have your team assembled (4-10 people, including you).

  • February 20 - Start raising money (we will send you & each shooter all fundraising material).

  • March 10 - $750 due from each team.

  • March 17 - $1,000 due from each team.

  • April 1 - $1,250 due from each team & Free Throw for Kids event at Lakota West HS gym.


Last year, we had 49 teams and the event raised over $128,000.

Specifically, Free Throws for Kids does four very special and unique things.  (1) Surprise over 1,000 kids and families throughout the year at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital with care packages. The packages have comfort items like a fleece blanket and journal, plus gift cards for fuel, food, and the hospital cafeteria.  (2) Donate $3,000 each month to the Cincinnati Ronald McDonald House for salad bar food. Each weekday, over 177 families now have a healthier eating option because of the FTFK salad bar & ongoing food donation.  (3) Grant $10,000 to Cincinnati's Liberty branch social services department to help kids and families with real-time, immediate assistance.  (4) Donate $500 each month for a "FTFK Care Cart" for families at Cincinnati Children's Hospital.


   To make it fun and competitive, there will be prizes for:

  • The team that raises the most money.

  • The team with the highest percentage of free throws made (out of the 500 attempted).




“I just wanted to say thank you for what you have done!  It is truly a blessing to me and my family.  It’s good to know that there are still people in this world that care and are willing to help!  Because of what you have done, you have allowed me to be able to see my other children that I have been away from for six months!” – The Tucker & Wright Family

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