Free Throw Shooters

  • We want YOU to be a Free Throw Shooter for the 2nd annual Free Throws for Kids (FTFK) event on March 28, 2015.  See Sign up Form on this page to sign up now.  Join your Captains team or we can assign you to a team.
  • Being a Free Throw Shooter is fun, simple & requires very little time.
  • Sign up deadline to be a Free Throw Shooter is February 1st (simply fill out the form on this page).

  • What does it mean to be a Free Throw Shooter?
    • You will be part of a team of 4-10 people (including your Team Captain) that will shoot 500 free throws.  10 people on a team means each person shoots 50 free throws.
    • As a team, you need to raise at least $1,000.  For example, with 10 people on a team, each team member only has to raise $100.
    • We provide ALL fundraising material including your own team webpage for online donations plus email & letter templates with donation cards.
    • Sign up as a Free Throw Shooter by simply filling out the form on this page.  Sign up deadline is February 1st.
  • This year’s event is on Saturday, March 28th at the Lakota West High School Gymnasium in West Chester, OH. 
    • There will be two sessions.  Your Team Captain has already signed up for one of these sessions.
      • First session 11:30 am – 1:30 pm
      • Second session 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
  • Awards and pizza will immediately follow each session at the same location.  To make it fun and competitive, there will be prizes for:
    • The team that raises the most money.
    • The team with the highest percentage of free throws made (out of the 500 attempted).
  • Overall Timeline:
    • By February 1sign up as a Free Throw Shooter.
    • By February 4 – start raising money (we will send you ALL fundraising material).
    • By March 4$500 due from each team.
    • By March 18$750 due from each team.
    • March 28$1,000 due from each team & Free Throw for Kids event at Lakota West HS gym.
  • Last year we had 23 teams and raised $43,828 (our goal was 10 teams and $10,000) for over 200 kids & their families in the Pediatric, Neonatal & Cardiac Intensive Care Units at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.  We also donated a much needed commercial-grade salad & fruit bar (along with the funds to stock it for 2 months) to the Cincinnati Ronald McDonald House.
  • This year there are 46 teams!  With 46 teams, sponsorship & general donations our goal is to raise $75,000!!!
  • The money raised is used to show love & hope by surprising the kids & their families with gift baskets that include gas cards for the many trips to and from the hospital, cafeteria gift cards for the day-after-day meals at the cafeteria, toiletries, Dream Dinner frozen meals for family members at home and more. These simple responsibilities, we take for granted, become a big challenge and these families need help. Thru Free Throws for Kids, we are making a positive impact on the amount of time a family can spend together.

Words from a family last year….

“I just wanted to say thank you for what you have done!  It is truly a blessing to me and my family.  It’s good to know that there are still people in this world that care and are willing to help!  Because of what you have done, you have allowed me to be able to see my other children that I have been away from for six months!”  – The Tucker’s & Wright’s

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