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What is Free Throws for Kids?


A family-friendly, fun and high energy annual fundraising event that takes place at Lakota West High School's gym on 24 hoops. Each team collectively shoots 500 free throws with live scoring, awards for the best shooting team and a "best shooter" contest at the end of each session. Additionally, there is a $20 Hoop Contest and incredible prizes throughout each session and anyone can participate! 

More FAQs

Where does the money go?



Surprise 1,000 kids and families throughout the year at Cincinnati Children's Hospital with care packages valued at $125. The packages have comfort items like a fleece blanket and journal, plus gift cards for fuel, food, and the hospital cafeteria. 


Donate $3,000 each month to the Cincinnati Ronald McDonald House for salad bar food.  Each weekday, over 177 families now have a healthier eating option because of the Free Throws for Kids salad bar & ongoing food donation.


Grant $10,000 each year to Cincinnati's Liberty branch social services department to help kids and families with real-time, immediate assistance.

How did it start?

A visit to Children’s Hospital in college pulled at Mark’s heart to help families in need.  Years went by & one day while shooting hoops at the gym Mark had the amazing idea to combine his love for basketball and help families in a practical way. 


While he was brainstorming the idea a family in his small group was going through the loss of their child at Children’s Hospital and a care package was created.  Mark brought the vision to his small group and Free Throws for Kids was born.

How many people participate? 


In 2022 we had 49 teams & 336 shooters. (This was first live event since COVID.)  

How much money has the event raised? 

  • 2014: $42,255 

  • 2015: $109,008

  • 2016: $124,198

  • 2017: $148,944

  • 2018: $154,313

  • 2019: $189,589

  • 2020: $122,620 (COVID)

  • 2021: $16,818 (COVID, Disney Raffle)

  • 2022: $128,067

  • 2023: $163,157

  • 2024: $222,174

  • Total: $1,421,143 

Our Mission

“The fuel card was so helpful since we travel 45 minutes each way, every day for 3 months for our child to get the treatment he needs.” 

“The day we received the care package one of our daughters went into surgery and it was very uplifting knowing there were others out there who cared.” 

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